Thinking DIY Cabinet Refacing❓I Do That – Only For 30 Years Though #refacing #kitchencabinets

Thinking DIY Cabinet Refacing❓I Do That – Only For 30 Years Though #refacing #kitchencabinets
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Your custom kitchen cabinet refacing specialist since 1995.
Serving the greater Denver/Boulder area including Parker, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Morrison, Golden, Evergreen, Louisville, Superior, and beyond.

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Is it worth it to reface kitchen cabinets?
If your kitchen has a good layout or floorplan with solid cabinet boxes & interiors then refacing could be a great option.

I consider cabinet refacing to be the sweet spot for kitchen upgrades. When painting or refinishing your outdated oak cabinets would be a waste of time and money completely and yet a full demo and remodel is way more than you need or want to spend.

Refacing with Colorado Cabinet Refacing gives you more customization options than any other provider. Custom refacing providers work very differently than the cookie-cutter franchise-type places that do cabinet refacing. Work with a custom specialist if you have one in your area and the details actually matter. From what I have seen most of those big box places are known for providing the lowest quality results and yet charge crazy high prices. This combination does not add up to a good value at all and would not be worth it. Try to find a refacing specialist if you can and explore all your options ahead of time.

Most of the homes I work on are in the 15 to 35-year-old range. They are usually outdated styles, colors, and wood types but overall good layout & structure to build off of. Cabinet refacing can transform these outdated builder-grade kitchens into modern fresh custom looking and feeling spaces for up to 50% less than a complete tear-out and remodel.

My refacing projects involve 1/4″ wood refacing or laminate options with a few customizations like full overlay spacing conversion, soft close euro hinges, new solid wood dovetail drawer boxes with undermount soft close slides, trim packs with crown, bottom edge trim, and full-size wrap around baseboards. A few of these optional items can really make a big impact on the final look and feel of your kitchen.

Cabinet refacing saves both time and money in comparison to traditional remodeling. Refacing can be completed with or without any other remodeling aspects included.

Total remodeling in most cases will require new countertops, backsplashes, paint & drywall repairs, plumbing & electrical expenses, possible flooring repairs, etc.

Refacing is like any other carpentry or building project. You can do a basic/cookie-cutter builder-grade version or you can customize it with upgrades and options to create beautiful high-end results if the proper time, care, and attention to detail are taken.

Like any other remodeling project, it pays to do your research and get competitive quotes from other providers when possible. In cabinet refacing, it is important to realize there are a few different versions and variations of materials and installation processes, and standards.

Cabinet refacing results can vary quite a bit from one provider to the next when you start getting into the details of what is included and how things are done. See how to reface cabinets

All of these things can make a drastic difference in the final results and total investment in cabinet refacing.

Everyone wants to know how much cabinet refacing costs but every project is different so many ways it is not possible to guess prices like that. It is like asking how much houses cost, there are some differences to consider right? At Colorado Cabinet Refacing I do small kitchens that average $8,000 – 10,000 range and larger projects are in the $20,000 – 30,000 range. While these price ranges might sound like a lot to some I think most of my customers would agree that it was a great investment in their home and a good value overall when considering what they got vs what they paid.

The annual cost vs value report consistently lists the minor kitchen remodel (cabinet refacing) as one of the best return on investments you can make in home remodeling.

Furthermore, Colorado Cabinet Refacing is an independent specialist provider in refacing. This eliminates the middlemen of sales commissions, franchise fees, and service limitations.

Colorado Cabinet Refacing delivers higher-quality finished results at a lower total cost making it a one-of-a-kind service offering to bring the best return on investment you will find anywhere in Colorado. You can view recent photos of my refacing work and see what my customers have to say here.